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Series of concise and didactic comic-style documents to understand the aerology and the use of this website:

Recent documents adapted to current knowledge and forecast tools :

Personal documents from Jean Oberson

Booklets for the preparation of the theoretical MCQ examination of the SHPA (2nd edition, 2005)

There are five booklets about 20 to 40 pages each, corresponding to the five branches of the theory test (MCQ) of the SHPA (Swiss hang and paragliding association) for the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) licence of paraglider pilot (2nd edition, 2005). Recall that this licence is mandatory for permanent Swiss residents (regardless of nationality) who want to perform independent paragliding flights on Swiss territory. Each issue of MCQ is explained one after the other with text and images (over 120). Dr. Andy Piers translated into English these 5 bochures! A big thank you


About Bir-Billing - soaring thermal flight paradise in the indian Himalaya:

Old and not adapted documents to the recent knowledge and forecast tools:


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