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Have a look at our free weather models to predict thermal soaring flight conditions (e.g. for paragliders, sailplane and hangliders). There are two forecast types:

  • soar GFS: 7 days macro world wide forecast. Calculated every 6 hours, see the explanations. Select the region from the map, or the list, or index
  • soar WRF: 2 days forecast for the alpine region. WRF is more accurate tharnt GFS and calculated twice per day.

There are also many original documents to understand the weather conditions and the use of the tools in this website. The concept of convective boundary layer, also called diurnal planetary boundary layer is extensively used (often not taught in pilot training courses).

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NEW - 2018 Spring news for soarWRF

  • WRF forecasts are now available for 2 days in advance, along with the preceding day
  • Improvement of calculations when snow is present
  • Addition of several new measurement points, on request from donors.
  • Updated the mathematical weather model (2017 instead of 2012)
  • Published the 2017 CSM financial accounts

And we hope to bring more features soon (mobile website, etc.) !

Retrospective 2017

Your donations helped to pay for the costs of running the servers, it is appreciated!

Although most of the changes on 2017 has no visible effect, a major effort went into reinstalling servers, improving source quality and use of a version control system, etc. This changes make the long term stability better and improve the capactity to make controlled updates.

Thanks in advance for considering providing financial support this year too!

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