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Here you will find free weather models to predict thermal soaring flight conditions (paragliders, sailplane and hangliders) primarily for the Alps. There are two forecast types

  • soar GFS: 7 days macro world wide forecast. Calculated every 8 hours, see the explanations. Select the region from the map, or the list, or index
  • soar WRF: 24h forecast for the alpine region. Calculated twice per day.

There are also many original documents to understand the weather conditions and the use of the tools in this website. The concept of convective boundary layer , also called diurnal planetary boundary layer is extensively used (often not taught in pilot training courses).

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Information to users and friends of the SOARINGMETEO website

As you probably know, the creator of « », Jean Oberson has decided to stop maintaining that website. He has started new activities that take 100% of his time, rarely flies these days and thus has little need to manage and further develop this website.

Given this situation, 5 motivated pilots joined to create an association to ensure the longevity of this excellent weather forecast website.

And so, the non-profit association « CSM – Club Soaringmeteo » was founded on the 3rd of December 2016, with the aim of managing the weather forecast website « » and to make the data freely available to all free flying pilots.

The CSM signed a convention with Jean Oberson on the 9 December 2016, making the website « » available to the association.

Having taken over the site, corrections were needed to make the forecasts available again (e.g. WRF had been broken for a few weeks).

Looking forward we aim to improve the reliability of the service and improve the website. If you are a web designer or web developer (javascript/css) prepared to help in your free time, do contact us! We are available to answer any questions or provide information.

CSM – Club Soaringmeteo

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